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Ragnusen Ultred April 4th 18 02:13 AM
Can the Apple Map App do offline mapping, tracking & routing? Today I tested the Google Map app on the $300 Costco 128GB WiFi only 9.7-inch 2017 iPad for offline mapping, tracking, and routing (see empirical result below). Can the Apple Map App do offline mapping, tracking & routing also? *Google Map App:* http://i.cubeupload.com/mqIyq9.gif
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Bob J Jones March 28th 18 05:52 AM
Do you know of an offline Windows latitude and longitude converter that will convert degrees minutes seconds to Degrees decimal Minutes? Degrees Minutes Seconds - Decimal Degrees - Degrees decimal Minutes (DMS - DD - DdM) For example, these are equivalent: DMS latitude 25d 15m, 0s longitude 110d 07m 30s DD latitude 25.25d, longitude 110.125d DdM latitude 25d 15.0000m,...
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[email protected] February 18th 18 07:20 AM
On Saturday, April 26, 2003 at 8:30:20 PM UTC+8, jack wrote: hi. Can anyone help me? I need serial for oziexplorer 3.95.2. Or if someone could mail me oziexplorer version 3.85 that would help a lot. I only have serial for that older version. thanks
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Piotr Mancini January 19th 18 12:39 AM
Hello: I figured out how to export my POIs: (1) With the USB cable extract the file GPX/Current.gpx (2) Create a map in "Your Places | Maps" in Google Maps. Upload the mentioned file. (3) Use the Google Maps app for the iPhone to connect
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Reinhard Zwirner[_2_] November 4th 17 02:37 PM
Attention: fup2 alt.satellite.gps.magellan! Hi I do hope that somebody here is able to help me. I'd like to reactivate a Trailblazer XL. Of course it has no current almanac in his memory - so it will take a long time to the first fix. Therefore I'd like to supply external power. Of course I don't own
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[email protected] October 1st 17 12:44 PM
N45 17.460 W112 24.800
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Roger Mills[_2_] August 26th 17 09:13 PM
My TomTom Via135 personal navigation device came with Western Europe maps with free lifetime updates. I also purchased an Australia map with 12 months of updates when I visited Australia recently. A few days ago, I decided to check for map updates because I was planning to go on an unfamiliar journey. When I connected the device to my computer, MyDrive Connect told me that
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Fred June 9th 17 10:09 AM
Hello, who develops programs with geodetic functionality like coordinate transformations or distance calculations, can use geodetic functions of my GeoDLL. The Dynamic Link Library can easily be used with most of the modern programming languages like C, C++, C#, Basic, Delphi, Pascal, Java, Fortran, Visual-Objects and others or as ANSI C source code. As most of the programs with geodesic...
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Internetado May 4th 17 02:30 PM
Galileo has been making headlines once again, and this time not for the right reasons. It was reported on January 18, 2017 that several of the atomic clocks responsible for the satellites' ability to calculate precise time have failed. Timing is everything in GNSS --Â*very precise time is required to calculate an accurate value of the delay in receiving signals that have been transmitted...
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[email protected] April 10th 17 07:08 PM
Put into Google Maps: 12.1175,-86.3245
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Zack Ryan March 17th 17 01:41 AM
Where are the beans?
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Terry Pinnell[_3_] October 12th 16 06:31 AM
I've been examining the GPS recordings of walks made on my iPhone. The GPX files should of course contain one text line for each position recorded, containing position, altitude and a timestamp. But occasionally (less than 1%) the timestamp is obviously missing. The 4th line of this small extract shows an example: trkpt...
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[email protected] September 14th 16 08:33 PM
I have written a track editor that runs on Android tablets, and it is now available for beta test on the Google Play app store at: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.lewlasher.trackEditor GPX Track Editor is similar in functionality, as a first approximation, to other track editors such as GPS TrackMaker, which I have been using for years on the Windows platform, primarily to make maps of...
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Terry Pinnell[_3_] September 14th 16 07:35 PM
Seems fairly quiet here but I'm hoping that one of the resident experts can help me get to the bottom of some odd behaviour please. I've tried several GPS, iPhone and iPad forums but still have no satisfactory resolution. I can't understand why my iPhone 6S+ recently started recording many more trackpoints than...
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NY September 8th 16 09:30 PM
We've just got a dashboard camera for the car, and it also has a GPS receiver. I was looking at the tracks of my wife's journey to work. At one point she passes under a long bridge beneath many OHLE-electrified (*) railway tracks close to a station. The GPS track seems to go haywire, showing her going roughly opposite to the real direction, and this begins just *before* she goes under the...
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Alan Browne August 11th 16 11:39 AM
http://what3words.com/ eg: reduce.bravest.spoke is ... ? -- She hummed to herself because she was an unrivaled botcher of lyrics. -Nick (Gone Girl), Gillian Flynn.
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[email protected] July 16th 16 01:59 AM
An article in the July 2016 GPS World magazine states that raw GPS measurements will be available to apps in the Android N operating system, which will be released later this year. This means you can get pseudoranges, doppplers, and carrier phase from a phone or tablet!
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[email protected] July 11th 16 01:36 AM
On Friday, August 27, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Harry Drenth wrote: Does anyone know something about the MK10s * Communication protocol * supporting software TIA, Harry I have an MK 10 and a manual. I may be be able to look up what you need, Meanwhile my unit is not working properly. Do you know where I can get it repaired ?
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Sam Wormley[_2_] May 31st 16 08:15 PM
Marconi Prize for 2016 Goes to Brad Parkinson http://gpsworld.com/marconi-prize-for-2016-goes-to-brad-parkinson/ The Marconi Society has awarded its 2016 Marconi Prize to Bradford Parkinson. The $100,000 prize, given annually, recognizes major advances in the field of information and communication science which benefit humanity. Parkinson’s contributions to the development of GPS...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] May 20th 16 10:41 PM
Large-scale technique to produce quantum dots https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/05/160519161227.htm Scientists have demonstrated a method to produce significant amounts of semiconducting nanoparticles for light-emitting displays, sensors, solar panels and biomedical applications. Journal Reference:
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Sam Wormley[_2_] May 19th 16 05:11 PM
2016031------------------------ NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2016031 SUBJ: SVN70 (PRN32) FORECAST OUTAGE SUMMARY JDAY 140/0923 - JDAY 140/1402 1. NANU TYPE: FCSTSUMM NANU NUMBER: 2016031 NANU DTG: 191409Z MAY 2016 REFERENCE NANU: 2016030 REF NANU DTG: 131610Z MAY 2016 SVN: 70
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Sam Wormley[_2_] May 13th 16 04:57 PM
2016030------------------------ NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2016030 SUBJ: SVN70 (PRN32) FORECAST OUTAGE JDAY 140/0850 - JDAY 140/2050 1. NANU TYPE: FCSTDV NANU NUMBER: 2016030 NANU DTG: 131610Z MAY 2016 REFERENCE NANU: N/A REF NANU DTG: N/A SVN: 70
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Sam Wormley[_2_] May 9th 16 01:07 AM
Testing quantised inertia on the emdrive http://arxiv.org/abs/1604.03449v1 It has been shown that truncated cone-shaped cavities with microwaves resonating within them move slightly towards their narrow ends (the emdrive). Standard physics has no explanation for this and an error has not yet been found. It is shown here that this effect can be predicted by assuming that the inertial...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] April 29th 16 09:38 PM
FCC Opens GPS-Adjacent Ligado Proposal for Comment http://www.insidegnss.com/node/4933 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is officially asking for feedback on a proposal by Ligado Networks to repurpose frequencies near the GPS band for a terrestrial broadband network. The long-delayed public notice and comment period is a step in the approval process, although there is no...
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NY April 20th 16 09:03 AM
Has anyone else been having problems downloading offline maps in the Here Maps app on Android? In the past it's been a fairly painless process, but when I tried it the other day (I had to remove and reinstall the app after it stopped giving me turn-by-turn directions to some postcodes, even though it worked out a route), I found that it was very reluctant to download maps. Often it would...
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Chris[_4_] April 8th 16 08:01 PM
Is anybody aware of a smartphone - or any other gadget - that uses the broadcom BCM4774 location hub? First consumer applications using this chip should be on the market now...
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Emanuel Berg March 21st 16 09:25 PM
I'm writing an article on the Kon-Tiki expedition. The article will look much like this earlier article I did. It is in Swedish, but you get the picture. It is not scientific or anything and what I need is a couple of simple but clear maps: Peru, Polynesia, and so. I'm a CLI, LaTeX, gnuplot etc. user so it would be cool to have a program to produce simple maps, and not just for this article God...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] March 16th 16 09:24 PM
2016023------------------------ NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2016023 SUBJ: SVN45 (PRN21) FORECAST OUTAGE JDAY 078/1800 - JDAY 079/0600 1. NANU TYPE: FCSTMX NANU NUMBER: 2016023 NANU DTG: 162130Z MAR 2016 REFERENCE NANU: N/A REF NANU DTG: N/A SVN: 45 PRN: 21
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Sam Wormley[_2_] March 4th 16 12:52 PM
2016020------------------------ NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2016020 SUBJ: SVN55 (PRN15) FORECAST OUTAGE SUMMARY JDAY 064/0024 - JDAY 064/0552 1. NANU TYPE: FCSTSUMM NANU NUMBER: 2016020 NANU DTG: 040551Z MAR 2016 REFERENCE NANU: 2016015 REF NANU DTG: 261945Z FEB 2016 SVN: 55
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Sam Wormley[_2_] February 18th 16 09:24 PM
Garmin to acquire outdoor tracking company DeLorme http://geospatial-solutions.com/garmin-to-acquire-outdoor-tracking-company-delorme/ Garmin Ltd. has entered into an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of DeLorme, a privately held company that designs and markets consumer-based satellite tracking devices with two-way communication and navigational capabilities. ...
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Hans-Georg Michna February 11th 16 12:34 PM
Jamie Condliffe GPS is an utterly pervasive and wonderful technology, but it’s increasingly not accurate enough for modern demands. Now a team of researchers can make it accurate right down to an inch. ... Read the complete article at http://gizmodo.com/a-new-technique-makes-gps-accurate-to-an-inch-1758457807 Hans-Georg
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Sam Wormley[_2_] January 29th 16 01:19 PM
2016010------------------------ NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2016010 SUBJ: SVN58 (PRN12) FORECAST OUTAGE SUMMARY JDAY 029/0712 - JDAY 029/1356 1. NANU TYPE: FCSTSUMM NANU NUMBER: 2016010 NANU DTG: 291357Z JAN 2016 REFERENCE NANU: 2016007 REF NANU DTG: 222007Z JAN 2016 SVN: 58
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Sam Wormley[_2_] January 28th 16 07:33 PM
Air Force Official Press Release - GPS Ground System Anomaly On 26 January at 12:49 a.m. MST, the 2nd Space Operations Squadron at the 50th Space Wing, Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., verified users were experiencing GPS timing issues. Further investigation revealed an issue in the Global Positioning System ground software which only affected the time on legacy L-band signals....
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Sam Wormley[_2_] January 15th 16 10:37 PM
LightSquared Seeks FCC Approval for GPS ‘Coexistence’ Plan Presses Fight Against DoT Power-Limit Study http://www.insidegnss.com/node/4785 Having settled its lawsuits against a trio of GPS receiver manufacturers, would-be broadband provider New LightSquared is now pointing to those settlements to support its assertion that it is fully addressing GPS interference issues. The...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] January 12th 16 08:02 PM
New USAF RFP published for GPS III satellites http://gpsworld.com/new-usaf-rfp-published-for-gps-iii-satellites/ SMC issued a request for proposals on Jan. 8, with rather complicated terms. The first eight GPS III satellites are already under contract, and two have been built, but delivery and launch schedules have dragged. The Air Force incorporated several other payload ...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] January 11th 16 01:38 PM
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Sam Wormley[_2_] January 3rd 16 11:54 PM
OT | We are a clear and present danger http://edu-observatory.org/olli/HCS/index.html Every Winter -- I try to figure a better way to teach Home Computer Security. This year I point out that: WE ARE THE WEAKEST LINK WE ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER
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Sam Wormley[_2_] December 29th 15 06:46 PM
NASA and the U.S. Air Force Test a New Ground-Based GPS http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/nasa-and-the-u-s-air-force-test-a-new-ground-based-gps/ Locata's system resolves this issue by layering in an independent network of transceivers that communicate over ground. A test last year in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Naval Observatory, the division responsible for maintaining...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] December 29th 15 06:43 PM
Directions 2016: GPS — dedicated to excellence http://gpsworld.com/directions-2016-gps-dedicated-to-excellence/ The year 2015 was an exciting one to assume leadership of the Global Positioning Systems Directorate. I’ve witnessed the men and women of our team accomplish some amazing things, across all of our efforts to modernize the constellation, and would like to take a moment to...
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Sam Wormley[_2_] December 5th 15 04:52 PM
Are Space and Time An Illusion? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YycAzdtUIko SPACE, TIME, AND THE NATURE OF REALITY. This episode of Space Time is actually about Spacetime, so pull up a chair, grab your favorite snack, and buckle up, because this episode is going to be a TRIP. Gabe explores what reality is, what "time" is, and why what you think ...
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chad52 November 30th 13 09:25 AM
i mistakenly put a garmin map card into my navman and when i turn it on now all i get is a message saying no metro found... can this be put right??
cokeandiron June 14th 11 04:27 PM
How do I update my Evesham Nav-Cam 7700 Sat Nav
Kevtom May 8th 11 03:54 PM
Hi guys, I have just purchased a new TomTom XL2 IQ routes fitted with the fairly new style 'easyport' circular mount. The mount was already fitted to the sat nav device in the box. I am sure this must be quite apparant to most people, but i can't for the life of me work out how to remove the mount from my TomTom sat nav device. There are no instructions on how to do this with the device. The only...
LCoyle July 17th 09 10:52 PM
I have used my Garmin 660 successfully with my SPV but now that I have upgraded to a Nokia 5800, I cannot get the Garmin to recognise the phone. I checked the Garmin site and this model is not listed. Does anyone know if another model setting would work? I want the handsfree feature to work. Thank you. LC
kevin March 24th 06 11:31 AM
Folks - You are reading this probably because you are considering participating in these SatNav related newsgroups. These are among the finest GPS (global satellite positioning) and sat-nav (satellite navigation) discussions on the internet, with many contributors who have the widest experience imaginable. This forum is a web gateway to this collection of newsgroups. SatNav Banter mirrors these...
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